Farm to Freezer captures the flavor of locally-grown vegetables at the peak of ripeness and produces frozen Tomato sauce, Ratatouille, and Mixed Vegetables. Our frozen products taste fresher than jarred sauces or canned vegetables.


Farm to Freezer Tomato Sauce is loaded with vegetables and makes a healthy, delicious meal. Just add pasta, rice or other grain.

Tomato sauce and Ratatouille are a delicious and healthy meal. Just add pasta, rice, or other grain and dinner is ready. We offer two product lines: organic and non-organic products. Visit our recipes for serving suggestions and recipes that feature Farm to Freezer vegetables.

Our Tomato sauce has zucchini, onions, bell pepper, herbs, garlic, and a touch of balsamic vinegar, tomato paste, and salt. Our Ratatouille features all eggplant, sweet bell pepper, zucchini, tomatoes, garlic and spiced with fresh dill.


Locally-grown, frozen green beans and sweet bell peppers

As our product line grows, we plan to add other vegetable-based frozen items such as vegan stocks and frozen cooked fruits, such as apple sauce.

Check back in late summer to see where and when you can purchase Farm to Freezer products once we start production. These stores anxiously await our products!

Washington’s Green Grocers, web-ordering and home delivery

Mixed Greens Market, Poolesville

Sure it’s healthy, but how does it taste?

Excel graph_likes F2F sauce better

Farm to Freezer offers a line of premium products that doesn’t exist in the market today.  Our vegetables and sauces, frozen at their peak of ripeness, offer a fresher taste than canned products. Our taste test surveys show a preference for our frozen sauce over tasters’ current brand of purchased sauce. Our frozen vegetables are regionally-grown and locally processed, offering a unique market niche among the frozen food selections in groceries.

Sure you serve a social mission, but does your produces sell?

Excel graph_Tomato sauce qualitiesLast fall we test-marketed the sales of our frozen Tomato-vegetable sauce and vegetables We offered tastes and distributed a survey to learn buyers’ preferences to our products, qualities that motivate buying, and product price points. Of 102 surveys, the qualities that consumers liked best in the Tomato-Vegetable Sauce were its taste, healthy ingredients, social mission, and local production.


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