Who We Are

Cheryl Kollin is the founding principal of Full Plate Ventures LLC, a consulting business that leverages the symbiotic relationship between business and social mission. She works with entrepreneurs, new businesses, and non-profits creating social enterprises that address interconnected issues of local food systems, environmental sustainability, and economic development.

Cheryl on stage

Cheryl Kollin presents Farm to Freezer at the 2013 TEDx Conference in New York.

In 2012 she co-founded Farm to Freezer with Bethesda Cares to address surplus fresh produce, hunger, and food waste. She is thrilled to be working with community collaborators to tap the synergy of shared vision, values, and passion.

Cheryl is a founding member and co-chairs the Montgomery County, Maryland Food Council. Cheryl won the 2013 TEDxManhattan speaker challenge and introduced Farm to Freezer at the 2013 Changing the Way We Eat Conference.

Cheryl blogs and speaks about local, sustainable food systems and organizes local educational events. In her spare time, Cheryl loves to cook and is the 2012 winner of her local Iron Chef Contest fundraiser.

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