Launched July 6th!

by: Cheryl Kollin

We launched Farm to Freezer this weekend!  After many months in the planning, it was great to see so many friendly faces and supporters come out on our first weekend. On Saturday, we purchased surplus produce from Spiral Path Organic Farm and on Sunday, from Bethesda Central Farm Market. We are getting comfortable in our new kitchen, thanks to a wonderful collaboration with the Woodside United Methodist Church, that has a strong hunger relief mission.   Group with Squash Prepping eggplant ziplock of organic squash

Our collaboration with Manna Food Center delivered Sunday’s produce and with 20 Manna volunteers in the kitchen over 2 days, we washed, chopped, blanched, and roasted 206 bags of zucchini, green beans, and eggplant-—a good start for our first weekend. These vegetables are now tucked away in Manna’s freezer for winter distribution to their clients.

We will need many helping hands in the kitchen over the next 19 weeks, so please sign up for Saturday and Sunday afternoons using our calendar and registration form.  We will be post future opportunities a month at a time.   Please share this opportunity and invite friends and relatives to join you!

We received some nice local media coverage from WTOP, Washington Business Journal, Bethesda Now,  and Bethesda Patch.

What’s Ahead for Farm to Freezer?

  • Manna has applied for SSL hours for students to help in the kitchen; we will announce when we get approved.
  • We will also start processing surplus produce from the Olney Farm market on July 14th.  Students can get SSL credits now for helping to sort produce at the Olney Farmer’s market.
  • We will start making tomato sauce and ratatouille later this summer.
  • A Farm to Freezer crowdfunding campaign is in the works—stay tuned for details!

Join us in the kitchen! It’s fun, rewarding, and we all get to taste the sweet essence of summer from the farmer’s market: peaches, tomatoes, black raspberries and more!

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