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We are very excited that Farm to Freezer is a speaker finalist the TEDxManhattan Challenge! TED itself is a nonprofit organization dedicated to spreading unique ideas (originally focused on (Technology, Engineering, and Design) and now concepts of all kinds. Packaged into an easily manageable 18 minutes, TED Talks focus on the heart of a program or concept being featured, and create accessible programs that can be viewed around the globe. TEDx (x=independently organized events) follows a similar format – however, it is designed around topics of the organizers’ choosing and to feature local initiatives. The TED format invites a select audience engaged in the topic area and then invites people to organize free, local viewing parties all over the world.

The Glynwood Institute initiated TEDxManhattan: Changing the Way We Eat. Now in its third year, speakers with various backgrounds in food and farming will share their insights and expertise on sustainable food movement issues, impacts, and innovations. Last year, TEDxManhattan attracted 2,000 viewing parties with 30,000 viewers.If selected, Cheryl Kollin will present Farm to Freezer at TEDx in Manhattan on February 16th. This is a huge opportunity for an innovative venture like Farm to Freezer! In the short term, winning a speaking opportunity at TEDX will provide critical visibility and, hopefully, lead to funding that will support this social enterprise.

Additionally, through an opportunity like presenting at TEDxManhattan, Farm to Freezer would tap into a world-wide network, spreading the concepts of supporting small and local farmers, limiting food waste and feeding our nations’ hungry community members with healthier food. Freezing fresh produce extends its availability all year long and solves the overabundance and waste that small farmers face at peak season when supply exceeds demand. Farm to Freezer hopes to share the inspiration with other communities to initiate as part of rebuilding our local sustainable food system for all.
We would love this opportunity to garner support and raise awareness about the innovative ways we can serve healthy and nutritious meals to people who are hungry.
Bethesda Green and Full Plate Ventures will host a free TEDxManhattan local viewing party on February 16th in Bethesda, MD where we hope to cheer for Farm to Freezer. Check back on this site in January for details, or visit the TEDxManhattan website to find a local viewing party in your community—or plan your own!

Your vote counts! You can vote once from each computer device (smart phone, laptop, tablet etc.) Voting ends December 15th so vote today and spread the word! Please vote for Farm to Freezer here! Click on: “take our survey”.
We are so grateful for your support, and are thrilled to have been chosen as a finalist for such an amazing initiative.

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