Test Markets in November!

As the days get shorter and the weather colder, we approach the end of this year’s supply of fresh produce. Even though FreshFarm Market Bethesda closed for the season on October 27th, Farm to Freezer will be hard at work over the fall and winter months, planning to become self-sustaining. This summer, our goal was to launch Farm to Freezer. We proved that there is great enthusiasm for turning surplus fresh produce into frozen tomato sauce to feed people who are homeless. We garnered wonderful support from volunteers, churches, businesses, and local agencies that helped us realize solutions to this need. We are proud to report that in our first season, we gleaned more than 5,000 lbs. of food and produced 1,400 lbs. of frozen tomato sauce and vegetables for the freezer that will feed 2,500 people in our community throughout the year.

Farm to Freezer has tremendous potential to grow. We want to glean extra produce and eventually purchase seconds from other local farms, increase our frozen food production, and provide healthier food to more people in need in our community. However, to utilize this model, we will need a consistent source of income. We will test market frozen tomato sauce and vacuumed sealed vegetables during the month of November, to gauge what type of market exists for our frozen produce.

Come out to support Farm to Freezer by taste testing and buying our tomato sauce and veggies, and we will offer a cooking demonstration and a variety of recipes. Visit us at the following locations:

November 3rd & 10th from 9am to 1pm: FreshFarm Market Silver Spring

November 17th and 18th from noon to 6pm: Mixed Greens Grocery, located in the Hearthside Home and Garden Center, 19900 Fisher Ave., Poolesville, MD.

We only have a limited supply of our product, so come out early if you can! If our test marketing is successful, we will be able to sell a portion of our product to cover our operating costs, and turn Farm to Freezer into a self-sustaining service that supports our local farmers, provides healthy food to people who are homeless, and reduces food waste.

We look forward to seeing you in November at the market, and thank you for all of your support during the next phase of our project.

With Gratitude,


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