Food Day – Join the Celebration!

How “Real” do you eat? This short quiz, sponsored by Food Day, shows to what extent your diet impacts your health, the environment, and animal welfare. By examining the breakdown of specific food in your diet, the Real Quiz connects personal eating habits with the greater local and global community. Take a moment and take the quiz!:
Well, how did you do? How did you want to do? If there is a discrepancy between these two answers, why is that? Eating is such a routine part of life, and because of that, it is critical to evaluate the ways in which we sustain ourselves – after all, we are all participants in our global food system, which in turn affects the health of the communities we live in. Food Day is a nationwide celebration that sparks this dialogue, educates the American public on various issues around our food system, and spurs people into action.

Joining Food Day is also about celebrating the tremendous strides that have already been taken, and reflecting upon the initiative of conscientious community members. We invite you to our celebration of Food Day, in honor of Farm to Freezer’s first season! We are still awestruck by the 5,000 lbs. of organic vegetables we collected that has served over 2,500 hungry community members, and by the dedication and hard-work of our volunteers. Join us as we discuss sustainable agriculture, hunger alleviation, and community activism with out inspiring speakers, while enjoying seasonal fare prepared by My Thyme Catering and Honest Tea. You can sign up on the Bethesda Cares Meet-Up page, by clicking on the Oct. 24th Event. Farm to Freezer has been, and will continue to be, a community effort – we look forward to celebrating with you! For details about the event, our panelists, and menu, visit our Upcoming-Events page!

Check out other local events in the DC Metro area on that day and in the weeks leading up to it! Here are a few events to whet your appetite:
Free Local Film Screening: A Community of Gardeners: At this event, there will be a viewing of the film “A Community of Gardeners” and an opportunity to hear from the filmmaker as well as other local farmers and Bethesda area groups working in food issues. The film screening is free, and may potentially include local food! October 20th, 12-3pm.
Panel Discussion: Feeding Academic Success: Join a great panel discussion with Ann Cooper (chef, author, educator, and advocate for better food for all children), Nora Pouillon of Restaurant Nora (tentative), and Katherine Bishop (nutrition policy associate with the Center for Science in the Public Interest), and Natalie Sikka, MD (pediatric gastroenterologist with a specialty in obesity), as we discuss how school food creates impediments to learning and how it contributes to public health issues. October 23rd, 6-9pm.

With Gratitude,


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