New Intern, New Volunteers, Same Inspiring Initiative

As Saturday was my first full day interning with Farm to Freezer, I was amazed at how quickly the 82 lbs. of vegetables turned into tasty and nutritious components of meals. From the bins of diced zucchini and peppers at 2pm to the air-tight bags of eggplant and sauce at 6pm, the entire operation seemed effortless – and I assure you, it wasn’t! Every volunteer was constantly in motion, chopping vegetables, operating the vacuum sealer, cooling the sauce – I am constantly awed by the tremendous results dedicated and hard-working volunteers can produce. Thank you to everyone who came out this week!

My name is Katie Thatcher, and I am the new intern for Farm to Freezer! I will be following Josh’s lead by updating this blog, managing the website, assisting Cheryl with the prep days, and keeping track of our records. Josh has been an indispensable co-facilitator in this initiative, and I clearly have some big shoes to fill! Thank you, Josh, for all of your support to Farm to Freezer, and good luck starting your sophomore year at Tufts University!

As for me, I am a New York native and a graduate from the College of William & Mary in Environmental Policy and Anthropology. My passion for studying global food systems and community initiatives came from my time at college, especially through my involvement with Branch Out, an alternative break program that coordinates experiences focused around specific issues of social justice. I followed this interest by conducting an organizational design study on Community Supported Fisheries (CSFs) with Virginia Sea Grant, and created a 10 minute documentary on eating local food throughout my senior year of college. I am thrilled to be a part of Farm to Freezer, and I look forward to expanding my education on the ways in which we can reduce food waste in our country and alleviate hunger in our area. Feel free to post comments on this blog and visit the facebook page to further engage with these important issues Farm to Freezer works to address.

I look forward to meeting you at our next MeetUp session – there are spots open through the rest of October, so come sign up!

With gratitude,

~Katie Thatcher

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