New Support

The Farm to Freezer project has been successfully running for two months.  Each Saturday we’ve rescued hundreds of pounds of produce donated by Spiral Path Farm.  It used to be a shame to see this food go unsold, until now, now that it is being redirected to the people that need it most—the homeless and hungry in our area.

I’m very proud to report that in the first half of this project, we’ve prepped 715 pounds of food.  Vegetables are blanched, vacuum sealed, and then frozen, ensuring that they will keep well past the entire year, meaning that Bethesda Cares’ meal recipients can receive nutritious, local, tasty produce year-round.  We make a hearty sauce with the large volumes of tomatoes we receive, and add in other good stuff like green peppers, zucchini, garlic, and fresh herbs.  We’ve received eggplant, corn, and sweet and hot peppers, and I’m sure we’ll see some new varieties of donations as the summer continues.  We’ve also donated produce beyond our prepping capabilities to Manna Food Center, where it will be distributed to those around Montgomery County.

Today will mark the halfway point of the summer-long project, and will also, unfortunately, be my last day with Farm to Freezer.  Luckily, we’ve found a wonderful new intern who will make this project possible as I leave for my second year in college.  Katie Thatcher, a recent graduate of William & Mary studying Anthropology and Environmental Studies, will continue in supporting Farm to Freezer for the next two months.  She’ll also take over as the Farm to Freezer blogger, so I’ll let her more thoroughly introduce herself.

I’ve truly enjoyed being part of Farm to Freezer.  It’s been a pleasure finding another excuse to cook; learning about the work it takes to begin a start-up project, and meeting people interested in doing good for others in their local area.  I’ve learned how the initiative of a small group of people can inspire the support of the larger community, something I’m reminded of each week as friends and strangers gather to spend their Saturday working together.  Thank you to the sponsors and volunteers who continue to make this project possible.

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