Another Day, Another Kitchen

This past Saturday, we began our 7th prep day, this time in a new kitchen—thanks to Graceful Growing Together who hosted us at Christ Lutheran Church’s awesome commercial kitchen!

Not only was this a change of scenery–we also welcomed graduates from the People 4 People culinary arts program as volunteers this weekend.

People-4-People is an employment assistance program. The Culinary Arts program is seven weeks of training that helps individuals find a job or career within this field. Our three volunteers, Gary, Alfreda, and William, graduated from the program the weekend before our prep day and were not only great cooks, but also helped us get acquainted with the sanitation procedures of this commercial kitchen. The program’s graduates receive community service credit for participating with Farm to Freezer and other graduates will join us throughout August.

With ten volunteers, we were able to prepare 54 lbs. of tomato sauce, 11. lbs. of blanched squash and zucchini, and 10 lbs. of roasted eggplant, all to be frozen in our donated freezer space.

We are thrilled to see how much support we’re receiving—we are booked for volunteers until August 25th. Students from the University of Maryland just signed up as a group. Please sign up now to reserve a spot! This project runs to the end of October, when the farmers’ market at Bethesda ends. To sign up as a group, contact Cheryl Kollin,

Since I’ll be returning to Tufts at the end of the month to start my sophomore year, Farm to Freezer seeks an intern to help on Saturdays and to continue this blog through the remainder of this season.  Look at the
internships” page of the blog, or send me an email at joshua.sennett(at) to learn about the position.

Also, we are thrilled to announce that the food we have prepared has amounted to more than 500 lbs!

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