What Brings Us Together?

Over the past month, it’s been amazing to see dozens of people coming together for the first time to support Farm to Freezer. While they don’t know one another, everyone has
a desire to support this project. Farm to Freezer is volunteer run; it would not function if not for the hard-working individuals that sign up for each Saturday prep day.

At the same time, we’ve also received some awesome support from companies, churches, and organizations in the area. This past Saturday, Whole Foods’ own staff volunteered to prepare approximately 200 lbs. of produce, and graciously hosted us from their Bethesda store kitchen. It was a great experience for our project—we got to use some top-tier kitchen equipment, including a vat that blanched dozens of zucchini and squash within minutes. We experienced that with commercial grade equipment, we were able to prepare double the quantity of fresh food in about half the time it normally takes us. I also learned that Whole Foods puts a lot of effort and deliberation in bringing local produce into their stores to sell and to use in prepared dishes. Beyond this common goal of promoting local food systems, it was fun to be around people who love food as much as we do. Special thanks to Joana Bragg, Whole Foods Bethesda Community Liaison, for making our monthly prep days with Whole Foods staff possible. Thanks again for the successful prep day!

Next week’s preparation will bring us to a new kitchen with a new group of volunteers. Thank you to Growing Gracefully Together (GGT) Culinary Arts Initiative for hosting us
at Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church of Bethesda throughout August. On August 4th, our regular Meet-Up volunteers will be joined by graduates of the of the People-4-People Culinary Arts Training Program! The GGT Culinary Arts Initiative teamed up with the People-4-People Employment Assistance Program and offers a training to eight unemployed people looking for a job in the food service industry. Over the course of seven weekly sessions, students learn about food safety and practical kitchen skills. The program was funded by seven Montgomery County churches and Christ Lutheran GGT provides the licensed kitchen space.

We are pleased to have a full team of volunteers on August 4th. However, we still
need volunteers for prep days throughout August until the end of October, so sign up
now. We’re looking forward to cooking with you all!

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