Four Hundred Thirty Pounds

It looks like the size of last week’s donations from Spiral Path Farm was not a fluke—the summer is in full force and we are picking up more produce than expected.  St. John’s Church was occupied this week for a funeral, so we took the produce back to the kitchen of Cheryl Kollin, who is the founder and director of  Farm to Freezer.

We got great help from some new volunteers to cook up tomato sauce and blanch diced zucchini for the freezer.  I learned just how useful our tomato sauce is—Lawrence “Blake”, the cook who incorporates our prepped food, has already used the tomato sauce we made during our first prep day. He’s incorporating the diced zucchini and snap peas into casseroles, and makes various dishes using the tomato sauce as a base. Now that he receives a variety of healthy market produce, his meals are more nutritious, he told us.

Some of the produce went straight to the Church of Bethesda’s refrigerator for Blake to use in fresh salads. We donated other produce  in excess of what can be served fresh this week and that can’t be frozen to Manna Food Center including lettuce, radicchio, kale, and Swiss chard.  Manna is the main food bank of Montgomery County and distributes food to hundreds of organizations throughout the area, making a powerful impact on reducing hunger around us.

Next week we will return to the beautiful commercial kitchen in St. John’s Church in Bethesda, where we will have the space and equipment to prepare all the food donated.  Our third prep day will take place on Sunday rather than Saturday, and will start at 11:30am.  We’re welcoming 10 volunteers and expect to finish around 4:30pm.  Please sign up on MeetUp if you are available and want to help.

We look forward to seeing you Sunday!

7/7 Volunteers

Our new stylish aprons, courtesy of Whole Foods!
Come to three volunteer days and you can keep yours.

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