Prep Day #1

A great start for Farm to Freezer!

This Saturday, we prepared over 100 lbs of produce, including hundreds of tomatoes, dozens of zucchini, large boxes of snap peas, and fresh herbs.  We had lots of work to do, but prepared a lot of food! With seven hard-working volunteers in five hours, we produced:

60 lbs tomato sauce, 20 lbs diced zucchini, and 23 lbs snap peas to be frozen and used in meals throughout the year that Bethesda Cares prepares for the homeless.

Once a month, including this upcoming Saturday, June 30th our supporter, Whole Foods Bethesda will offer us use of their kitchen and their staff volunteers to prepare food.

Our next prep day will be July 7th—sign up to volunteer here!  You can also sign up for future prep days now through October on the MeetUp page.  Since our pilot prep day was so successful, we’re welcoming eight volunteers each week, including teens 13-15 accompanied by an adult.  Service learning credits are available.

Thanks again to our volunteers including Melanie Folstad and Rick McUmber, who arranged for our use of the wonderful kitchen space at St. John’s.  We also welcome our new summer intern, Pierce Newman.

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