Introducing the Farm to Freezer Project

Welcome to Farm to Freezer’s blog with its very first blog post!

Farm to Freezer is a volunteer program created in partnership between Bethesda Cares Inc. and Full Plate Ventures, LLC.  The goal of the project is to bring donated produce from local farms to the homeless and hungry within our community. Bethesda Cares is the official gleaning recipient of Bethesda FreshFarm Market. Last year, Bethesda Cares received an average of 125 lbs. of donated produce per week, more produce than it could serve before it spoiled.  The Farm to Freezer program will preserve this extra produce so it can be incorporated in the meals Bethesda Cares prepares for the hungry throughout the year.

Farm to Freezer connects several aspects of our local food system.  Farm to Freezer preserves food that would otherwise be wasted; provides clients of Bethesda Cares nutritious, hot meals; and raises community awareness of homelessness, nutrition, and locally-grown food. Food donation supports local farmers through tax donation and raises their visibility. Last, it gives the community an awesome way to learn about food preservation by volunteering!

Volunteers are needed to help prepare food to be frozen within a commercial kitchen each weekend through the summer and into this fall.  Another helpful way to support the project is with a monetary donation—if you are interested, please  click here. Specify “Farm to Freezer” on your check or in the reference ID line for on-line donations.

A great way to learn more about the project first-hand is by attending Bethesda Green’s  June 7th Happy Hour (click here) at restaurant Food Wine & Co. in Bethesda, where the two founders of the project, Bethesda Cares executive director Susan Kirk and Full Plate Ventures Principal Cheryl Kollin, will introduce Farm to Freezer.  A $10 donation at the door will support the project, and complimentary appetizers are included.

Also, keep checking this blog  for updates on how get involved as a volunteer.  We will post stories, stats, and pictures each week as the summer unfolds and our production gears up for preserving the summer bounty.

Josh Sennett
Farm to Freezer Intern

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  1. maria says:

    this program is great

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