Welcome to Farm To Freezer!

F2F productsFarm to Freezer is a new brand of delicious, healthy, and locally-produced foods from vegetables that are frozen at the peak of ripeness.  Your purchase of Farm to Freezer products allows us to provide this nutrient-rich food at deep discount to local hunger relief agencies for those in need.


Our Tomato Sauce is chock full of vegetables and makes a delicious, healthy meal.


Farm to Freezer captures the flavor of locally-grown vegetables at the peak of ripeness and produces frozen Tomato sauce, Ratatouille, Roasted Bell Peppers, Summer Squash and Apple Sauce. Our frozen products taste fresher than jarred sauces or canned vegetables. You can taste the difference! More


Farm to Freezer solves the dual problems of local farms’ producing surplus fresh vegetables in the summer—6 billion lbs. is wasted in the U.S. annually—and a need to provide those who are food insecure with more nutrient-rich food all year round.  More


Yellow summer squash is steamed and then ready for the freezer.

Join Us!

Farm to Freeze is able to competitively price its products at the market and provide our products at deep discount to hunger relief agencies because of our community collaborators. You can help by becoming a Manna Food Center volunteer. More

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